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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher- July 2013

Jun 29, 2013 05:00PM


The lazy days of summer are in full swing with every promise of pure sweetness that a cool lake or spot of soft green grass can provide. I write this on the final day of a restful stay-vacation that eased me into the meandering season, opening the space to welcome in a new family member—a fabulous canine named Shane that needed a home. It’s amazing how quickly the innocent soul of a dog, so willing to love, becomes an engaged and cherished part of the family. The transition between homes did not slow this adventurous explorer and getting to know his gentle inquisitiveness on our daily jaunts has been an absolute treat.

July is the perfect time to honor our right to wander, tossing aside agendas, veering onto new paths and enjoying some leisure along the way. This month’s contributor, Bill Simpson, shares one path to taking on a simpler rhythm, with his article, “Take The Ride Route To Fitness,” p. 19, about the joys of bicycling locally and the numerous built-in fitness benefits of miles pedaled along beautiful country roads. If your trip involves a destination get-away, our Green Living feature, “A Green Night’s Sleep For Travelers,” p. 24, describes numerous eco-friendly lodging options for comfortable stays with a conscience.

Opportunities for laid-back roaming in search of seasonal luxuries abound, even in our food choices. Trek to a farmer’s market or one of many road side stands to feast on the sights, smells and tastes of summer’s rainbow of locally grown fruits and vegetables and vibrant flowers. Contributor Jaclyn Downs provides a compelling case for the bounty of nutrition available in these garden-fresh choices and the value of knowing where your food comes from. With the multitude of dietary concerns circulating these days, we’ve rounded out this packed issue, themed around Food Watch and Summer Living, with several resources for conscious nourishment. May they add to your collective wisdom for creating meals and celebrations that uplift, energize and delight you and those sitting around your table.


We recognize the need for a slower pace in taking time to savor the many flavors—so whether roaming near or far this month, journey with a sure step and light heart. Travel well!

             ~Jacqueline Mast, Kendra Campbell & Lois Schultz, Co-publishers

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