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Letter from Publishers May 2013

Apr 30, 2013 03:11PM ● By Jacqueline Mast

Lois, Jacqueline & Kendra


As I write this, a gathering is taking place to celebrate the life of a woman dedicated to living her truth and passing along wisdom—a spirited example of tirelessly nurturing oneself and others. Regrettably, I never met this shining light in person, but was blessed to have connected with her several times by phone over the past few months; each time, I was immediately grateful for the jolt of wit, humor and depth of clarity in our dialogue. Linnea Jepsen was thrilled to share a bit of herself in this month’s issue, and we were fortunate to receive the gift of an interview with her before she passed from this world unexpectedly just after celebrating her eightieth birthday; the auspicious timing made a poignant statement, not unlike the profundity with which she lived. You will find a beautiful tribute and depiction of the lifetime she dedicated to sharing vitality and healthy living on page 16, a vivid portrayal of how to embrace aging with strength and grace.

Life sneaks up like that, to remind us in a heartbeat of the precious moments, offering an opportunity for reflecting on role models and lessons in integrity; it is the irony of confronting such a loss—to pause and gratefully recollect those that have passed the torch of personal potential. The Aging Gracefully feature by Linda Sechrist, on page 18, speaks to that timeless concept and ideal of falling into an existence of ease and flow, illustrating a foundation of showing up for life and embodying dignity in practices of simple self-care. Faith and focus in the present moment is enlivening and solidifies intent.

This month’s Women’s Wellness issue was designed to encourage a sense of freedom in our choices, full of practices to promote balance and awaken the senses to tap into what makes the heart smile. Whether it is preparing a smoothie, throwing open the windows or detoxing false beliefs of unworthiness, clearing space opens paths to honor our best selves. That spark of purpose and palpable joy in living authentically ignites creative outlets, allowing us to pass along tidbits of delight and a contagious thirst for experience. Taking daily steps to unconditional self-love is a service that will inspire the world around you.

          ~Jacqueline Mast

Join us as we give thanks for those that have mothered and nurtured us; may they be inspiration to consider your own inner power and inherent contributions to those around you. In a world calling for leaders with compassionate, open hearts, we invite you to be the peace and bring the change; continue to share your magnificence!

         ~Jacqueline Mast, Kendra Campbell, and Lois Schultz, Co-Publishers

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