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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From The Publishers April 2013


What are you tuning into these days? Considering the dizzying sensory overload of incoming messages we encounter daily, it might be helpful to contemplate how we filter the constant chorus of energy in motion that pulses through and around us.

Even in moments of peaceful solitude, there remains a background mix of systems and technologies buzzing on this planet at an unprecedented pace; it is clear that we inhabit a delicate and pivotal space, teeming with life and fascinating potential. Finding moments of stillness to recharge gives us the chance to focus on how we might adapt and grow together, to connect meaningfully with emerging new voices of hope.

It is an excellent time of year to acknowledge that all growth is a natural process, and an experience of seasons and cycles we all share. My own turning points in life have had that magical effect of shifting senses to a higher level, proving the wisdom of hearing music behind the noise and living from the inside out. During a time when worn ideas and actions were no longer working, I found a deeper guidance by letting go; shifting to a new flow was simpler and life-supporting—in a word, sustainable.

Attention to conscious choices and seeking answers intuitively is not uncommon these days; lifestyles that respect self and community have become the norm. Along these lines, contributing writer Trella Dubetz, p. 19, describes a source of vital, healing energy directly underfoot: Mother Earth, which is already holding us and ready to rejuvenate, simply and naturally. Our health is directly linked to the longevity of this planet, and both flourish when we prioritize investing our time and energy to care for them.

This issue, themed around green living, uncovers other grounded solutions, where compassionate human instincts address complex global needs to facilitate autonomous learning for a better world. Linda Sechrist’s feature, p. 20, highlights several education pioneers on the forefront of transformational approaches to problem-solving, presenting questions and conversation on issues that students care about, opening minds for effective change.

With a nod to less structured learning, local contributor Steve Carlson paints an organic picture of the beauty and freedom in outdoor play, p. 29, adding another layer of options to honor curiosity and empower students through active discovery. Community events to nurture innate creativity and social engagement for our future generations are also sprinkled throughout this issue.

Here’s to cultivating stewards of our earth for years to come, honoring growth and play for us all. Happy spring everyone!


Earth Day 2013 is coming and we invite you to consider planetary imbalances as a gap of opportunity, a space for the bridge of innovation that you can help build; it is a time of brilliant change.

              ~Jacqueline, Kendra & Lois

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