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The Debt Shredder Team

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We Believe That Everyone Deserves To Live The Life They Dream

Debt Shredder has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in interest payments. It provides clients with an easy to use online tool to minimize both time and interest paid on all debt. Our solution provides useful information and smart, specific guidance for finding savings opportunities unique to each user. We want to help people understand and do more with their money.

Imagine the Possibilities

With finances, we too often walk along nearsightedly, stumbling into avoidable financial pitfalls. The blurriness of the way impacts the quality of our decisions. To make matters worse, we can look back on our missteps with surprising clarity. How would you craft your life differently if you knew beforehand the impact of all your financial decisions? The Debt Shredder program does just that using your existing monthly budget. ​ Turn Debt into Wealth

What would you do if you could build wealth and eliminate debt simultaneously, by putting your money to work for you? Would you take a family vacation? Start a college fund? Invest in real estate?

This service can help you achieve your financial goals through the strategic interest cancellation and wealth-building power of the revolutionary Debt Shredder program.

You can save time and interest on nearly every debt you have. The key is to make your money work smarter, with your existing income. Debt Shredder calculates some of the fastest ways to pay off your mortgage and consumer debt, and build a substantial savings nest egg based on your specific income, payments, living expenses and financial goals. You never have to guess which loans to pay off first, when to pay or how much extra to send. ​ More Possibilities: Do More Faster, Achieve More Faster.

Debt Shredder offers enhanced features that truly take your financial life to a new level. Comprehensive budgeting system, fine-tuned to the sensitivity of your goals. Enhanced calculations to pay down debt. Software settings that allow changes to how aggressively to pay down debt and build wealth. Ability to pay down multiple properties at the same time. User-friendly software interface. Personalized coaching. Automatic account updates. Helpful client support.

The 4 Cornerstone Principals to Eliminate Your Debt:

Interest Cancellation Strategic Payoff Time Value of Money Money Merge Account Software, Coaching and Education system

Accumulate Wealth: Increase Equity, Build Assets, Create Wealth

Debt Shredder goes beyond helping individuals and families achieve success paying down debt — it also makes it possible to accumulate wealth targeted to each client's personal financial goals. Simply enter your financial goals, whether it's to pay off a vacation home, fund early retirement or pursue your wildest dream. Enter all the variables: principal, interest rate, term — even cash rewards on credit cards.

Using this information, Money Merge Live calculates how to pay off debt with some of the fastest payoff results imaginable — and build a substantial savings nest egg.


I'm excited! We just trimmed 17 1/2 years off of our 30 year mortgage with the financial software we just set up! It'll be paid off in 12 1/2 years without refinancing or doing anything crazy. So cool!

Service on Mar 23

Testimonial: My husband Anthony & I have used the Debt Shredder program since October 2019 and we have already saved over $4800 in interest

Service on Oct 02

I’m a third generation farmer and didn’t believe the numbers when Harold ran my analysis. Farmers are always broke. I called 3 farmers who have the program and use it. I finally decided to take a chance and buy the program and it works. I know where my money is going and I know why I wasn’t getting ahead before. I also have an emergency fund for the first time. I know it says I’ll be out of debt in 7 more years and I watch the numbers change every month but even if it’s 10 years instead of 7 I’ll be very happy because I was scheduled to be in debt for 26 years and where I come from, 10 years debt free is way better than 26 years in debt.

Service on Oct 09