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Get Back on Track with a 21-Day Detox

Mikhail Nilov/

Kulp Nutrition & Wellness Clinic is providing a spring 21-Day Detox to stimulate detoxification of gut and organs liver, kidneys, large and small intestines to help participants get back on track.

Donna Kulp, DC, DCCBN, IFMCP, says, “We need purification to detoxify and remove natural toxins, including pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals. Purification cleansing helps remove toxins that cause stuffy head, fatigue, sleep issues, digestion/gut issues, food cravings improve mental clarity and weight loss.”

Participants will meet with Dr. Kulp to ensure they are a candidate for the program and to receive their diet plan and directions for the detox. Support includes weekly visits with trained staff.
The 21-Day Detox is education-based and designed for success. Kulp says, “The detox expands people’s health and energy—they feel better and often lose weight. It’s made of real, clean, organic whole foods.” Breakfast and lunch are delicious smoothies, with balanced healthy dinners.

Location: 52 Morgantown Rd., Reading. For more information, call 610-208-0404 or visit