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Zest! Plans Rennovation Refresh

Zest! expanded their storefront last year to include a complete line of food products by Maine-based Stonewall Kitchen. Owner Sharon Landis says, “Our latest renovation will match the aesthetic of the Stonewall Kitchen part of the store and provide continuity between the two sides. We had so many compliments about the Stonewall annex renovation that we wanted to bring that feel through to the main part of the store. There will be a lightness and openness to the store that was missing. I have always looked at every aspect of Zest! from the customers’ point of view, and I know the renovation will bring an improved shopping experience to everyone who comes through our doors. The store refresh will make shopping in your favorite store even more fun!”

Location: 30 E. Main St., Lititz. For more information, call 717-626-6002 or visit