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Living With The End In Mind

Oct 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Karen Glass

A Life to End of Life (LEOL) practitioner provides services for individuals and their loved ones moving through profound times of transition in life related to personal loss. The coach guides a one-on-one process of reflection and exploration to give deep insight into the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and practical aspects of the client’s life.

The outcome can bring resolution and closure to lifelong struggles and patterns. The intimate process takes three months or longer, and is most often transformative with a heightened sense of self-awareness and renewal. Many individuals choose this process to move through great loss even if they are not approaching end of life.

An end-of-life (EOL) doula, commonly called a death doula or soul midwife, provides holistic, non-medical support and comfort to individuals and their loved ones moving through the final passage.

They companion active dying and mourning, facilitating and holding space for the spiritual and emotional labor needed to prepare for death and for loved ones before, during and after death with education and guidance; emotional and spiritual care; and logistical, practical assistance.

The doula  assists in EOL care and vigil planning, signs and stages timeline, along with making community connections experienced in the practical planning and process of transition and after-death needs. These doulas are experienced spiritual and death care advocates that empower clients to view death consciously as a part of life and advocate the concept of living with the end in mind.

Karen Glass is a certified Life to End of Life coach and death doula through the Conscious Dying Institute and a proficient practitioner registered with The National End of Life Doula Alliance. She holds micro-credentials in end-of-life herbalism. For more information, call 239-464-1036, email [email protected] or visit