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Living with the End in Mind

Jul 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Karen Glass
By choosing to resolve our life every day, we can live fluidly in the present without carrying angst about something we should have or could have done better. The remarkable aspect of living with the end in mind is that we consciously create a life without regret. Our emotional and mental domains remain free. We do no harm, and instead grow in compassion and understanding for harm done to us. It is then that we can see life and death as a continuum, not so much as a start and a finish, but as a fluid experience.

When we clear our conscience in the moment and hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions, we inspire and guide others into the same. We can stop shaming and blaming ourselves over sharp words and body language, or the judgment that creates emotional wounds.

When we live with the end in mind, everyday moments are embraced as we position ourselves to recognize the sensitivity in ourselves and others and to give to it and into it. We acknowledge it by holding space for when it needs to express itself in difficult emotions. We seek and guide toward resolution.

Transgressions that wounded us are transformed when seen through a lens of compassion and understanding. We live through and release the suffering role of victim and perpetrator. We live complete in the knowledge that we really truly can be without the gnawing sense of things undone or becoming undone. We begin to live in hope and faith in the process of life.

Trust infuses us once again, as does beauty and grace. We adopt the open-hearted joy of knowing that life is dynamic and is fluid like water. Then we understand that the consciousness moving through every aspect of life on Earth is part of a continuum of infinite birth, life and death. This is the circle of every micro, macro and meta experience of our existence.

When we live fully trusting in the knowledge that we will die, and that when we do, nothing we have done or didn’t do will go with us. Knowledge of death opens us to a deeper sense of who we are and how to conduct our life. We aspire to our possibilities and inspire others to do the same. We live fully engaged with the world, and the world engages back.

Karen Glass is a certified Life to End of Life coach and death doula through the Conscious Dying Institute, a proficient practitioner registered with National End of Life Doula Alliance and holds micro credentials in end-of-life herbalism. Her personal somatic meditation practice has guided others into this field. For more information, call 239-464-1036, email [email protected] or visit