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Wellness Practitioner Continues Legacy with Honeysuckle Wellness

Apr 28, 2023 09:31AM ● By Lottie Sass
For a decade, certified traditional naturopath Michelle  Conicello worked alongside her husband, Doctor of Chiropractic Stephen Conicello. After he died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage in April 2022, she decided to carry on his functional medicine philosophies, opening Honeysuckle Wellness last November, providing cutting-edge screening tools including thermography, bioenergetic scanning and iridology, along with Bach flower remedies and ionic foot detoxing.

Michelle had assisted Stephen at his practice, Agape Institute of Functional Health & Chiropractic, with office and business management; over time, she became versed in wellness philosophies. After gaining certification in clinical thermography in 2013, she studied at Trinity School of Natural Health and became a certified natural health professional, a certified holistic health practitioner and a certified traditional naturopath, as well as an iridologist.

“I think of myself as a health detective. Through different scanning tools, I help uncover what’s going on with the client,” says Michelle. She also uses Reams Testing, developed by Dr. Carey Reams, which uses noninvasive urine and saliva samples to gain information about biochemical imbalances in the digestive system. “Using the tools and putting the pieces of information together paints a picture of what needs to be supported in each person.”

Michelle uses screening tools such as full-body thermography. She takes images and then sends them to Dr. Gregory Melvin, in Southern California, who does the analysis and sends the report back. She then reviews the report with the client to make nutrition and detoxification recommendations, if needed. Annual follow-up thermography studies show the evidence of changes in the body.

Another tool, bioenergetic scanning, uses electrical nano-sized impulses on the body to help identify irregularities. Michelle says bioenergetic scanning also helps the body balance and function better. Her clients have found bioenergetic scanning effective for helping relieve symptoms such as brain fog, muscle aches, headaches, digestive issues and chronic pain.

Michelle also uses bioenergetic scanning to help clients determine food sensitivities. “We can test for more than 200 foods,” she says. Clients are tested every four weeks so changes in the body can be detected. By avoiding the foods that are shown in the testing to cause inflammation, the body is able to function better. Sensitivities change as the person consumes or avoids foods, so follow-up testing is encouraged.

Iridology, the study of the iris, provides a perspective on genetics, Michelle says. “Every iris is different, just like a fingerprint. It shows what could be weakened areas and markers for organs such as the liver, thyroid, pancreas and neurological issues.”

Michelle suggests that healthy lifestyles should involve the whole family. “Lifestyle changes for one family member, but not the others, can be hard to implement and maintain. The whole family gets involved and works to be healthier together.”

Because emotional wellness affects stress that can hinder the body’s immunity and detoxification abilities, Michelle uses Bach Flower Remedies—flower essences diluted in spring water, that help ease emotional stress. Michelle customizes the blends to help children, adults and even animals to deal with emotional and behavioral stress. This is done by having a conversation with the client, parent or pet owner about how they are feeling or behaving, and then the remedy is customized for each individual. The consultation may be done in person or via phone or Zoom.

After losing Stephen and three other loved ones within a six-month period, Michelle has found healing by helping others. “After working with my husband for over a decade in the functional medicine field, much of his philosophy of looking at the body as a whole resonated with me. I want to help every person I see feel better, function better and live better,” she avers.

“Honeysuckle, which is a Bach flower, is used to help a person to respect the past and empowers people to move forward and heal, so the name really fits my life story,” she relates.

Honeysuckle Wellness is located in the Highlands Corporate Center at 495 Highland Blvd., Ste. 103, in Coatesville. For more information, call 717-326-3338 email [email protected] or visit