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Susquehanna Dental Arts Offers Dental Care for the Whole Family

Oct 31, 2022 09:31AM ● By Sheila Julson
Susquehanna Dental Arts (SDA) offers holistic general dentistry with an emphasis on establishing solid doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Owen Allison founded the practice in the early 1980s and was a pioneer in the oral/systemic link; his clinic has been mercury-free for nearly two decades. In November 2020, Allison sold the practice to Dr. Barry Moss.

Allison still practices at SDA. Moss and lead dentist Dr. David Lambert are inspired by Allison's vision. They are dedicated to continuing the precedent he set while making holistic care available to more people.

Moss received a dental degree in 1996 from Temple University and started practicing soon after. He became interested in holistic remedies after experimenting with essential oils and through independent research, attracted to Allison’s holistic approach, commitment and team-oriented staff. “When Dr. Allison and I met, we hit it off immediately and had a lot in common. He wanted to sell to someone who would continue the precedent he set,” Moss says. “It was an easy transition.”

Lambert, a Lancaster County native, graduated from the University of Maryland College of Dental Surgery and began practicing in Colorado in 2014. In 2017, he moved back to Lancaster to be closer to his family. Since April 2021 he has practiced alongside Allison and was also heavily influenced by his holistic principles.

Lambert became further interested in holistic approaches after using peppermint oil for headache relief. “I had had major problems with debilitating cluster headaches. Someone suggested using peppermint oil topically. It’s the only thing that actually worked,” he says. “That changed the way I view holistic medicine.”

Moss notes that Allison had done a great job of setting up a traditional, family-owned office with holistic principles. “We have not changed that,” Moss emphasizes. Since purchasing the practice, he has added a chemical-free tooth sealant used to protect primary teeth from cavities, as well as implant placement.

Susquehanna Dental Arts offers general dentistry, including root canals, implants, Invisalign, teeth whitening and ozone therapy to clean and sterilize the gums. Ozone neutralizes free radicals and helps kill bacteria as an alternative to more caustic products.

They offer safe removal of mercury-based fillings using protective rubber dams and draping for patients and staff. Specially designed suction tips and air purifiers help reduce mercury exposure, while advanced mercury separators remove most of the metal contaminants from wastewater to prevent it from entering nearby waterways. Amalgams are replaced with non-toxic filling material.

Lambert observes that patients want to be heard, understood and have their opinions considered. “People also have different views of what holistic means. With us, it’s more about working with patients and how they view being holistic. They might not be a super-holistic person in general, but want holistic treatment. If a patient doesn’t want something done a certain way, I’ll find a way around it, even if it’s not the easiest thing to do,” he says.

The staff at SDA is a large reason for their success, Lambert emphasizes. “We have a good time at work and everybody is on the same page. Most of our team has been here for a while, and everyone agrees with how we want to run the office and treat patients. It’s not just me, it’s the front desk, the assistants, the hygienists—we all take examples from Dr. Allison. We’re fortunate to have worked with him.”

Moss knows that you don’t mess with success. He plans to keep existing services in place and gradually expand staff so they can serve more people. He welcomes Allison’s continued presence and mentorship as the practice grows, noting, “He’s passing the torch on to people he trusts and who care.”

Susquehanna Dental Arts is located at 100 S. 18th St., in Columbia. For appointments and more information, call 717-684-3943 or visit