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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Online Functional Medicine Workshop

Functional medicine health coach Lauren Swavely will present a virtual workshop, Taking Control of Your Health, at noon on August 15, 2022, on how to become empowered to make wellness decisions and achieve lasting results.

Swavely says, “We will be covering alternative, holistic methods that help to chart your own path back to wellness instead of one prescribed by a conventional doctor.” By the end of the workshop, attendees will have been guided to identify a health goal and an individualized roadmap toward achieving it.

Topics include the importance of taking back control of our health and well-being from conventional healthcare; the pillars of self-empowerment; tips and strategies to rediscover our “inner doctor”; returning the power back to the patient; and how to identify health goals and set them in action.

She notes, “I use a holistic approach to help my clients become confident and empowered as they take back control of their health, achieve their goals, face challenges with resilience and explore what’s possible.”

Cost is $20. For more information and registration, visit