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BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers Helps Women of Any Age

Apr 29, 2022 09:31AM ● By Sheila Julson
Dawn Cutillo, developer/founder of BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers, had worked in the weight loss and health industry for more than 30 years. During that time, she noticed that women over the age of 40 were engaging in scientifically sound diet and exercise programs, yet they were unable to lose weight.

Determined to find the missing piece of the weight-loss puzzle, Cutillo dove deeper into the hormonal aspect of weight loss. Building off her background in health and nutrition, she studied detoxification, stress management and the effect of stress on the female hormone system and blood sugar, which she believes is often an overlooked area of female health. Cutillo connected the dots to come up with a methodology for weight loss that fell outside of the typical plans for women.

That methodology, “natural hormone balancing”, yielded safe, fast and natural results for Cutillo’s clients. In 2007, she opened the Rejuvenation Center and continued to fine-tune her weight-loss plan. Due to instant success, she moved to a larger location on Royer Drive, and in 2015, she and a business partner prepared to franchise the business under the name BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers. There are currently 25 BeBalanced locations, including stores in Lancaster, Wyomissing, York, Camp Hill and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

A Different Approach to Weight Loss

“At BeBalanced, we always advocate lifestyle change along with specific supplements for fast, comprehensive results with weight and female symptoms,” Cutillo explains. Client education is first and foremost. The BeBalanced team helps women understand their bodies and the hormonal effects of food, stress and exercise via a free initial consultation.

The BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Program, their signature plan, includes lifestyle changes such as how to eat a clean, whole food diet that is set up with an exchange system of food combinations that are hormone-balancing in nature. Clients do not have to purchase pre-packaged food.

Supplements for their weight-loss plan are all natural, and include a metabolic correction homeopathic blend to help balance hormones, a liver support to aid detoxification of the body and a probiotic supplement to help to rebalance gut bacteria and overcome candida yeast. On this plan, clients are also treated to relaxation techniques such as sound-wave therapy in which music and sound waves relax brain waves in as little as 20 minutes. Cutillo says the effect is similar to a refreshing two-hour nap.

The final pillar in their weight-loss program is support. “We want to be there to answer questions and guide and support our clients through this process,” she says.

The BeBalanced program is spread over 14 weeks. During each phase of the program, the client brings back in additional foods that were eliminated during the strict phase such as nuts, dairy and wheat to see if they have any sensitivities. Cutillo explains that this is a way to help clients learn to eat smarter as they progress through the program. After goals are met, clients get four virtual classes with lifestyle tips called Balanced Bites.

“The first month is exciting because the client will lose 15 pounds and she will become more insulin-sensitive and decrease her blood pressure, as well as dramatically reduce or eliminate PMS and menopause symptoms. The best part is how this program affects clients’ mood, sleep and overall energy,” says Cutillo. She notes that estrogen dominance is often caused by stress, which leads to premenstrual and menopausal symptoms such as headaches, mood swings, depression, night sweats, low libido and more. Balancing hormones can eliminate those symptoms quickly and naturally.

“The BeBalanced plan has been successful for people of every age and every stage,” Cutillo advises. Their average clients are women aged 40 through 60, due to the hormonal barriers to efficient weight loss women of this age group face. They have successfully helped men, as well.

Cutillo wants BeBalanced to be a place in the community where women can receive honest, candid results to their female health questions. “We believe women can look and feel their best at any age. We are not just a company, but a movement that is empowering women to lead a higher quality of life through balancing hormones.”

BeBalanced has locations at 484 Royer Dr., Lancaster, 90 Commerce Dr., Wyomissing, and throughout Pennsylvania and the country. For more information, call 717-569-3040, or 610-750-5158, or visit