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DC Eager Emergency Services Puts People First

Mar 31, 2022 09:31AM ● By Sheila Julson
DC Eager Emergency Services has become known throughout Lancaster County for their mold remediations services, and are also state-certified to safely remove lead paint in older homes. Pennsylvania law, with enforcement starting in the major cities, is requiring that property owners renting to families with children six years old and younger must have the home tested for lead and removed.

In 2011, owner Darlene Eager formed DC Eager Emergency Services, offering mold remediation, water damage cleanup, lead abatement, clean select demolition and specialty cleaning for hoarding situations and pet odors. The business is family-owned and operated; Eager’s two children and her son-in-law are actively involved. The company is hiring. No experience is necessary, and training and all necessary certifications are provided.

Eager realizes that the need for many of her services is often the result of a misfortune or other circumstance not always under the owner's or tenant's control, so the team prioritize compassionate approaches while consulting with clients and performing services. “Helping hoarders is where my heart’s been taking me,” Eager says. Often, people with a hoarding disorder are forced by their families, medical professionals or city inspectors to clean their homes and part with an excessive accumulation of items they deem valuable. “I’ll spend up to two hours talking with a hoarding client to gain their trust before we even enter the home. I want them to know I’m not going to be a person that judges them—they’re often worried about that.”

Eager and her team will work with clients to remove physical items. Often, health hazards such mold, bacteria, insects and rodents are found behind hoarded items, so they will take the necessary steps to property clean the home so it’s habitable for the client. Homeowners might try to remove mold themselves by spraying it with bleach or other chemicals, but Eager notes that doesn’t completely remediate the problem, and often makes it worse.

“Some companies use a use a chemical solution to remove mold and then just paint over it,” she explains. “That’s a shortcut. During the first days of high humidity, the mold bleeds through the paint. There’s no magic potion to remove mold; it has to be physically removed with the proper chemical-free equipment, and the source of moisture that causes mold to grow has to be remediated.”

DC Eager also offers water damage cleanup from leaking or broken pipes, or flooding. Their clean select demolition for indoor projects helps homeowners and commercial properties such as storefronts undergo major remodeling projects. DC Eager will demolish and remove cabinetry and walls while maintaining a clean area.

Eager stays motivated by helping people. She advises, “I meet somebody new every day. I have the ability to help people in need. I’ve never been motivated by money—it doesn’t make me jump any higher or run any faster. I didn’t start DC Eager to become a millionaire. I started it to be happy, and I am.”

DC Eager Emergency Services is located at 6 E. Kendig Rd., in Willow Street. For more information, call 717-989-5763 or visit