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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Settle Conflicts and Custody Arrangements Amicably

Pangea Mediation offers virtual mediation services that are accessible anywhere, allowing participants to connect from home or office. Mediation services are tailored for individuals and families experiencing a need for resolution of conflicts such as in cases of divorce or separation, and in creating custody arrangements and for co-parents, either together or in separate homes, to navigate such challenges as differences in health approaches, diet and lifestyle differences, planning for working from home versus returning to the workplace, educational and extracurricular planning and more.

In cases involving children, mediation allows for the child's well-being to be put first and decisions to be made by the parents rather than a judge, creating an opportunity for co-parents to work together constructively. Founder Mila Pilz states, “We’ve navigated the virtual world to be able to bring this resource to a broader client base. We are excited that we can now serve clients regardless of their proximity to our office. This saves travel time, money and reduces stress."

For appointments and more information, call 717-219-7174, email [email protected] or visit