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Try Laser Pain Relief at Schwartz Family Dental

Schwartz Family Dental is now offering BioResearch MLS laser for reducing pain and inflammation in the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. David A Schwartz, DDS, states, “We’ve been seeing great results using it post-procedure to reduce inflammation and muscle pain, and our patients have found it helpful for chronic headaches, neck pain, TMJ and other conditions. It’s non-invasive and works fast, with most patients experiencing immediate pain relief.”

During a treatment, a laser beam is briefly directed to the skin in the problem area. As the muscle relaxes and inflammation is reduced, blood flow improves, bringing oxygen that promotes healing. Fees are dependent upon the area treated and the time required per session.

Schwartz Family Dental provides mercury-safe general dentistry for adults and children, cosmetic dentistry, sleep dentistry and other services that address the mouth/body connection.

Sessions cost between $75 and $150. Location: 701 Jefferson Blvd., West Lawn. For appointments and more information, call 610-670-6910 or visit