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New Tech Boosts Athletic Recovery Time

A Therapeutic Effect will host a Hyperice demonstration from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., November 13, 2021, for novice to elite athletes, fitness fanatics and weekend warriors seeking to recover faster or enhance athletic performance.

This cutting-edge recovery technology completes a training regimen along with exercise and diet to allow athletes to excel while accentuating the natural healing and recuperative capabilities of the body.

Cryotherapy, coupled with compression, removes lactic acid and inflammation, while heat combined with vibration loosens muscles and stimulates circulation, and percussive therapy provides massage on-the-go to stay in peak readiness.

Hyperice/Normatec recovery products help the body spring back faster from workouts or competition and compete harder at a higher level sooner.

Location: 313 D Primrose Lane, Mountville. For appointments or more information, call 717-285-9955, email [email protected] or visit