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10 Ways to Optimize Your Workspace

Sep 30, 2021 09:31AM ● By Elizabeth Byler
Many of us spend a good part of the day in an office, either within our homes or in corporate settings. The space around us can have a significant impact on our well-being and making small adjustments can improve our productivity and comfort. Evaluate the 10 different areas below with the following questions to uncover solutions based on personal needs and preferences.

1. Lighting: Are there at least three sources of light?
Placing a lamp or window behind the computer will provide a facial highlight for video calls.

2. Sound: What noises are coming in and out of the office space?
It can be distracting to have too much ambient noise. A pair of noise-canceling wireless headphones allows for freedom of movement and the ability to focus on the tasks at hand. Additionally, adding a white noise machine can prevent sound from leaving the office space. 

3. Storage: Does everything have a home in the office? Everything should have a “home”. Additional storage options may be needed to make sure that the office is a clutter-free space.

4. Seating: Are the chairs comfortable and designed for the user’s body type? Not every office chair works for every body type. It is important for long-term health to have a chair that is a right fit. 
5. Plants: Can other living things survive in the space?
Adding plants to the office space has many benefits, including reducing stress and encouraging periodic breaks to care for them.

6. Layout: How is the flow of movement in the room?
Consider if desk placement contributes to optimal workflow.

7. Color: Do the colors in the space support the tasks?
Different colors can communicate a variety of things to the brain which can be used to one’s advantage. Blue and green hues evoke calmness and tranquility, while yellows, reds and the color orange inspire assertiveness and higher energy levels.

8. Snacks & water: Is there easy access to water and snacks that are nourishing?
It is important take care of physical needs while working. Having healthy foods and water nearby helps prevent dehydration and fatigue. 

9. Chargers: Are there chargers for all electronics? 
Purchase one or two extra chargers to keep in the office for easy, stress-free access. 

10. Temperature: Is the temperature comfortable? 
One great perk of working at home is that temperature can be adjusted easily with a fan or space heater for personal comfort.

It’s possible to have an optimal office experience -- even on a Monday. 

Elizabeth Byler is the owner of Eden Environments, located in Lancaster, PA. Connect with her by calling 717-455-0779 or visit