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Trailside Organic Farm: A Partnership Between Rodale Institute and Cornwall Manor

Cornwall Manor, a vibrant, continuing care retirement community located in Lebanon County, is preparing to make history with the nation’s first on-site certified organic farm for older adults. Focused on the health and well-being of their residents, Cornwall Manor is partnering with the Rodale Institute to start a two-acre organic vegetable operation that will provide residents with organic, hyperlocal food and a thriving natural environment that supports their health, environment and well-being.

The Vision

Trailside Organic Farm will be a two-acre certified organic farm located adjacent to the Rail Trail on Cornwall Manor’s Woods campus. All organic produce grown on the farm will be served in campus dining areas, providing fresh, nutrient-dense produce to residents to improve health, create a connection to local food and help heal the planet.

Cornwall Manor is the first retirement community to partner with the Rodale Institute, allowing the Trailside Organic Farm to serve as a model for continuing care communities around the country. Statistics show that residents in retirement communities live two years longer on average than those who live alone, owing to an environment rooted in health, well-being and community.

Learn more about the exciting partnership with Cornwall Manor on their website, Planting will begin this year and the farm aims to reach peak productivity by 2024.

The Opportunity

The Cornwall Manor­–Rodale Institute Trailside Organic Farm is an opportunity to combine the health benefits of organic food and farming with the improved longevity of community living.

The presence of this farm guarantees that Cornwall Manor residents will receive food grown at the highest organic standard, right in their backyard. With the Trailside Organic Farm, resident meals will feature freshly harvested farm-to-table offerings, and residents and visitors will enjoy the beauty of the farm and education opportunities.

Rodale Institute is located at 611 Siegfriedale Rd., in Kutztown. For more information, call 610-683-1400 or visit

Cornwall Manor is located at 1 Boyd St., in Cornwall. For more information, call 717-273-2647 or visit