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Addressing Root Causes for Low Testosterone Levels

May 28, 2021 09:31AM ● By Thomas B. Wachtmann
A frequent concern for men is decreased levels of testosterone. Symptoms may include high stress levels, irritability, low energy, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, loss of muscle mass and fat gain, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Generally prescribed treatments include transdermal creams or injections of testosterone. While these approaches usually raise testosterone levels, they do not address any of the multiple reasons why the hormone is low in the first place. Since these treatments do not repair the fundamental weaknesses that lead to low testosterone, they are often used long-term. Because the hormone is being artificially supplemented, the body loses its impetus to make more on its own and internal production continues to decrease. Some men also complain they do not feel much improvement with their symptoms and require higher dosages as time goes on.

A more common-sense approach to remedy the issue is to find and fix these fundamental problems and get the body to make more testosterone on its own. This requires a more detailed analysis of multiple body systems to find the weak links in the chain and then do what is necessary to strengthen them.

Achieving this necessitates obtaining a comprehensive health history, performing a detailed physical exam and having more thorough laboratory analysis done. With this information, a targeted plan can be implemented to stimulate the body to heal and become stronger.

Many things can contribute to low testosterone including various nutritional deficiencies, trouble with other organs and glands in the body, inhibited signaling due to impaired nervous
innervation, poor circulation, excessive toxins in the body and more. Uncovering and then fixing these root issues generally help to naturally raise testosterone levels and can also improve other health concerns. This happens because many of the factors that lead to low testosterone can also contribute to other problems.

Once the weak body systems are strengthened, individuals generally experience less irritability, more energy and stamina, better sleep, increased muscle mass, fat loss, the ability to handle stress better and improvement with sexual issues.

Dr. Tom Wachtmann is a doctor of chiropractic and the owner of Link Chiropractic Clinic, located at 3130 Pricetown Rd., Ste. H, in Fleetwood. One of his specialties includes Functional Medicine which helps to find and fix the root causes of many health concerns, including low testosterone. For more information, call 610-944-5000 or visit