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Functional Health of Lancaster Builds Partnerships with Patients

While working in the conventional internal medicine realm, Dr. Mary Regan, founder of Functional Health of Lancaster, wanted to spend more time with patients and get to the “whys” behind their chronic conditions. Feeling limited by the protocols implemented by large health care organizations, she became intrigued by functional medicine, a root cause approach of evaluating underlying health conditions while also focusing on achieving optimal wellness.

Regan, who holds a doctorate in nursing practice from York College of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and Health Professions, eventually joined the team at Keystone Functional Medicine. The move provided her with the tools she needed to focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease.

Regan strives to deliver an elevated experience in primary care to Lancaster County. Patient visits are 60 minutes, and new patients start with a two-hour long discovery visit. During that time, she gathers a complete health history of patients and their families.

“It helps me unearth a situation like trauma or psychological stress from childhood that’s causing a lot of stress and anxiety, which hinders them from feeling well,” Regan explains. “We’re also looking for those below-the-surface issues, like sleep, use of caffeine or alcohol, stress levels, allergies and past or present medications that may contribute to chronic conditions.”

In addition, patients get a complete physical exam, and Regan will order tests such as specialized lab work, an electrocardiogram (EKG), X-rays and food sensitivity testing. Patients follow up with her for a consult and a treatment plan, which may include lifestyle recommendations, nutritional counseling and supplements. If needed, holistic treatments are combined with conventional medical therapies.

“My functional approach is not one-size-fits-all. It’s very specific to each patient,” Regan emphasizes. She notes that there’s a misconception about wellness that an individual doesn’t need to see a provider if he or she is feeling well and has no complaints. “I see lots of patients that come in who don’t have complaints or diagnoses; they just want to feel better. They want to increase their level of energy because they’re sleeping too much or they feel depressed. I take a holistic approach by looking for the spiritual, psychological and physical elements, and I put them all together.”

Functional Health of Lancaster operates on a membership model. The Direct Primary Care Services package starts at $59 per month and includes standard primary care, sutures, wound care and EKG testing. Regan says this package does not include functional medicine and is intended for those that are seeking basic primary care services.

The Functional Medicine and Primary Care packages start at $128 per month and combine direct primary care with functional medicine. It’s ideal for people looking for a primary care provider that is also trained in functional medicine. The membership includes unlimited care, access to the online patient portal, and access and discounts to the online supplement dispensary. Regan accepts Medicare Part B and also offers telehealth remote visits Monday through Friday for all Pennsylvania residents.

“My focus is to build partnerships with my patients,” Regan concludes. “Many people are already anxious about going to the doctor’s office, so I try to create an inviting environment where we can discuss a lot of sensitive health issues in a casual, personable manner. Having a trusting relationship with your patients is paramount to delivering high quality and effective care.”

Functional Health of Lancaster is located at 1695 Oregon Pike, in Lancaster. For more information, call 717-490-6227 or visit

Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.