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Harmonizing Our Home’s Energy: Why It’s Important

Mar 31, 2021 09:31AM ● By Lindsey Foose
The COVID-19 pandemic is having a direct impact on the energies of homes as more time is spent in them. Whether working and/or schooling remotely, either full-time or part-time, added time spent within the home causes energetic shifts.

Homes are no longer peaceful sanctuaries to return to for rest and rejuvenation from the hectic worlds of work and school. Quiet spaces have now become active spaces, such as offices and classrooms. This shift is causing an imbalance in the yin and yang of the home.

The yin and yang concept in basic terms refers to the balance of extremes. Within the home, these extremes manifest as light versus dark, cold versus hot, active versus inactive, loud versus quiet, et cetera. In his book The Principles of Feng Shui, Master Larry Sang, founder of the American Feng Shui Institute, in California, states, “Maintaining a balance between yin and yang in … your living environment is the key to good feng shui.”

Feng shui seeks to harmonize the energetic imbalances within the home. An environment with properly aligned energy can support and improve sleep, energy levels, productivity, creativity, health, relationships and prosperity.

With the pandemic impacting the energies of a home, it is most timely that these energies be brought back into alignment. While feng shui requires action within the home, the appraisal and remedy processes can be accomplished remotely.

There are four pieces of information that the client provides to the traditional feng shui practitioner: a floor plan drawn to scale, the year the home was built, the birthdates and gender of all occupants and interior and exterior tours of the home. Each of these pieces of information provide valuable data to the practitioner.

Author and feng shui expert Kartar Diamond, a graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute, writes in her book, Feng Shui for Skeptics, “When a structure is built, the foundation plugs the building into the earth. The completion of the ceiling will capture the cosmic configuration … . The timing of the construction and the space it occupies will produce an energy blueprint that can be tracked and interpreted.”

A completed appraisal includes this unique energy map and recommendations for aligning the environmental energies. Beneficial energies are enhanced while unsupportive energies are neutralized.

According to P.K. Odle, executive director of the American Feng Shui Institute, “Classical feng shui is a science with the same roots as acupuncture. Classical feng shui uses decorative objects made of the five elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire colors) to remedy any sabotaging influences caused by the invisible energies in your home/office … and improving lives by working with the unseen energies … .”

Also included in a traditional feng shui appraisal are brief descriptions on leveraging each occupant’s personal directions to best nurture sleep, energy, productivity, creativity, health, relationships and prosperity.

The results a client may experience are directly reliant upon his/her commitment to intentionally implementing, in a timely fashion, the elemental recommendations provided in the appraisal. Typically, two to four weeks of having the elemental remedies in place is required before energetic changes become noticeable.

Benefits commonly experienced from a properly aligned space include:

•  Feeling calmer and more in control

•  Feeling more focused, attentive and organized

•  Feeling well rested and energized

•  Feeling more productive and creative

•  Feeling healthier in general

Ensuring that the home is supporting its occupants to the best of its abilities, it is well worth exploring how to harmonize the natal energies, especially while the home is serving as sanctuary, office and school. The pandemic has created an unexpected and unanticipated energetic shift within homes across the globe. Now more than ever, creating spaces that maximize sleep, energy, productivity and creativity, while optimizing health, relationships and prosperity is of utmost importance.

Lindsey Foose is the founder of Zententional Living, empowering individuals and families to live mindfully through intentional practices of energetic empowerment. She is a traditional feng shui practitioner, trained through the American Feng Shui Institute. For more information, email [email protected] or visit