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Community Herbalist Sarah Preston Encourages Self-Love and Gratitude

Mar 31, 2021 09:31AM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold
Caring for Self and Home Motivates and Inspires Us 

Allowing peace to enter our bodies, psyches and spaces brings benefits that ripple into our daily routines. Sarah Preston, community herbalist and owner of Herbs from the Labyrinth and retail shop, Radiance, located in downtown Lancaster, understands the importance of caring for self and home. She’s been making herbal body-care products, remedies and home-care products for more than 20 years.

In addition to all of her herbal concoctions, Radiance carries a wide range of items to support physical and spiritual wellness for self and home. Fair Trade and handmade items crafted by local artisans and artists from around the world, organic clothing, wearable art, books, essential oils, flower essences and Preston’s herbal products are all delightfully arranged and displayed, inviting shoppers to leisurely peruse in person. For those who enjoy shopping from the comfort of home, Radiance also has an online store; curb-side pickup or shipping is available. 

“We are all under more stress than our psyches and bodies want us to be; we’ve experienced group trauma by experiencing the effects of COVID-19,” notes Preston. “Our lack of self-care will affect our long-term health if we don’t take care of ourselves now. Our self-care rituals not only help us to relieve our own stress, but also help the other members of our households,” she believes.

 Preston’s self-care products include the Luscious Line—face cream, night serum and cleansing cream; yarrow mist; Moondance and Exotica bath oils; Moontime massage oil; Iris body silk powder; and breast and belly balm for pregnancy and post-partum care. Loose herbal teas, dried herbs, elderberry syrup and Dragon’s Breath Fire Cider formulated by Preston support body, mind, and spirit.

A kitchen gadgetry section consisting of a coffee press, compost keepers, tea balls, tea infusers, glass and metal straws, mortar and pestles, reusable produce bags and tote bags, bamboo utensils and more facilitates sustainability at home and on the go.

“Clearing the home space and keeping it clean, fresh and free from clutter rejuvenates our bodies and our psyches,” notes Preston. Preston’s Antiseptic Room and Surface Spray freshens and cleans rooms and surfaces, both at home or in the office. Holy Ganga Water, collected from the headwaters of the Sacred Ganges River, can be sprayed to purify spaces for ceremony, ritual cleansing or protection. Florida Water is a floral and citrus water used to purify energy and welcome the essence of the heavens.

Other items that contribute positive energy to spaces include clean burning candles, chakra candles and pillars; Himalayan salt lamps and fire bowls; Palo Santo spray, a Peruvian wood used to purify energy and create sacred spaces; Shaman’s Dawn spiritual protection sprays; sage smudge sticks; sage spray and more.

From head to toe and in between, organic clothing and wearable art simplify clothing choices and provide the ease of dressing in layers as spring emerges. Go-to pieces that illuminate a feel-good, lovely look bring comfort to daily life and inspire a feeling of not only surviving the days and nights, but thriving at work and play, and enjoying a restful night’s sleep.

 “By getting outside every day, regardless of our age, we ensure that we have enough physical activity to help our bodies sleep well naturally. Something else we can do for ourselves is simple meditation for five minutes a day, even for little kids, because five minutes a day improves our lives,” affirms Preston.

“Calming meditation along with a daily gratitude ritual for the simplest necessities and pleasures are acts of self-love. With a calm spirit, we radiate love and kindness to our environments and those around us, and we welcome a grace-filled life,” she shares.

Radiance is located at 13 W. Grant Ave., in Lancaster. To schedule an herbal consultation, call (717) 290-1517. For more info, visit