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Renewal Kombucha Releases Seasonal Summer Flavors

Jun 29, 2019 12:59AM

During the month of July, Renewal Kombucha, located in West Reading and Lititz, will feature two seasonal flavors, Blueberry Oolong and Root Beer Kombucha. Blueberry Oolong was released on June 14, and Root Beer Kombucha will be released on July 6. Limited-edition Red, White & Blueberry Kombucha will be available on July 5 during the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Renewal Kombucha tea is brewed with a combination of dried tea leaves and herbs, sweetened with evaporated cane sugar, and fermented using a living culture of yeast and probiotic bacteria, often called a “mother” or a “SCOBY”. This drink is known to offer health benefits that aid in digestion, boost the immune system and enhance mental functioning. 

Locations: 701 Court St., West Reading and 51 North Broad St., Lititz. For more information, and to sign up for the email list, visit

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