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Comprehensive Hormone Testing Available

Ann Lee

Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist Ann Lee, owner of Health For Life Clinic, Inc., in Lancaster, offers comprehensive blood testing for thyroid, adrenal and reproductive hormonesinsulin resistance, nutrient deficiencies and immune system status. Additional saliva testing can be done if a client is interested in testing adrenal function throughout the day or has sleeping issues and wants to test for melatonin levels. 


Since there are so many factors involved in balancing hormones, testing can help figure out where to put your focus for the biggest impact,” explains Lee. Most women experience symptoms related to hormonal changes, such as mood instability or physical symptoms such as cramping, heavy periods, acne, bloating, hot flashes, palpitations, brain fog, fatigue and weight gain.  Men can experience some of these symptoms as well, such as fatigue, brain fog, bloating and weight gain. 


The conventional model for treating hormonal issues ranges from birth control pills and testosterone to removing parts of the reproductive system. Lee has been practicing since 2010 and uses an individually-tailored wellness approach along with natural therapies to help clients with a wide variety of health conditions. 



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