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Pennsylvania’s Plan to Increase the Electric Vehicle Market

In February, the state of Pennsylvania released the Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Roadmap. It was developed on behalf of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and in collaboration with the Drive Electric Pennsylvania Coalition, a statewide partnership of state agencies and industry, community and academic leaders. The roadmap’s purpose is to review the state of the electric vehicle (EV) market in Pennsylvania, define a number of proposed strategies to support the expansion of the EV market and furnish estimates of potential benefits and impacts to the state from an increased EV market. 


According to DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell, the DEP formed the Drive Electric PA Coalition in 2016 to conduct a research-grounded analysis of the best ways to overcome barriers to EV use in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Roadmap lays out 13 strategies to tap the great potential of EVs, from increased public education to EV-ready building code amendments and financing programs,” explains McDonnell.  


Pennsylvanians’ quality of life depends on the careful stewardship of resources and development of technologies to enable economic growth while protecting the environment,” says Governor Tom WolfIf implemented, strategies in the Roadmap will help ensure that we begin soon to leverage the benefits of electric transportation for all Pennsylvanians while advancing toward a vibrant future for the commonwealth.” 



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