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Energy Work with Jill Jablonski

Jill Jablonski

Through her practice, Soul Spark Healing & Guidance, in DrumoreJill Jablonski creates a safe and peaceful environment to assist clients in approaching challenging life circumstances in a more balanced and grounded waySessions are individually tailored to support a client’s health by deeply relaxing and rejuvenating the entire being in all aspects, and include balancing the energy centers in the body known as chakras.  


Jablonski is a Hibiscus Moon certified crystal healer and reiki master attuned inside the ancient circle of Stonehenge. Her mission in life is to help people reach their full potential in order to live their best life by supporting them in body, mind and spirit with energy healing.  

Readers should know they are not alone in life and that there is support readily available to them as they go through trials and tribulations,” shares Jablonski. “Self-care is not selfishit’s how we keep ourselves healthy so that when our loved ones need us, we are ready to care for them. One cannot pour from an empty cup.  


Location: 1544 Benton Hollow Rd., Drumore. For more information, call 443-417-4662, email [email protected] or visit 

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