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DC Eager Emergency Services Puts People First : Puts People First

May 27, 2019 10:07AM ● By Kyle Hass

A passion for helping people is at the forefront of all the services that Darlene Eager, owner of DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC, and her team provide. As experienced, certified professionals, they specialize in hoarding cleanup, mold removal and remediation and clean interior demolition services. In addition, all the products they use are chemical free. 


Certification for the firm and all the employees is provided through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), standard for Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. The IICRC provides a practical set of standards for restoration and remediation in order to implement an advanced training program and course of study leading to certification. Eager also provides in-house trainings for her employees related to the expected levels of customer service as well as the quality of work. 


Hoarding is a delicate subject, and Eager and her team members think about the person first, approaching each situation with kindness. Often, hoarding situations involve older clients who are in need of nursing care, but care providers will not enter the home until it has been cleaned. 


“My team and I treat our clients like we would treat our own family members. We respect each and every individual we meet, regardless of their situation, and consider it a privilege to help them,” she shares. We take care to remain nonjudgmental and help them by removing the excess of items. More often than not, we discover mold while cleaning a hoarding situation. The resident didn’t know mold was there but once the hoarded items are cleared away, mold may be found.” 


Eager believes that education is key when it comes to mold removal and remediation. “Mold cannot be ignored because it will not resolve itself,” she explains. “We provide free assessments because every situation is different. We educate homeowners and business owners on their particular situation. What is also important to keep in mind is that per professional certifications, the company that is remediating the mold should not be doing the testing; it is a conflict of interest,” she affirms. “A third party should complete air quality testing for mold prior to mold removal. That’s our process; we review the third-party test results and then give an estimate.” 


DC Eager’s clean interior demolition services provide the clean slate that builders and homeowners need in order to start a rebuild or renovation. The team is recognized by contractors, builders and homeowners for their cleanliness. “We keep everything clean during a demo project,” explains Eager. “If we are working in the kitchen area, the rest of the home is sealed off in order to keep out dust and dirt, and we remove the debris at the completion of the demolition. 


“Many homeowners don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment to take on the demolition portion of a project. They may be concerned about finding mold behind a wall or lead paint. All of our employees are trained and certified in lead abatement (removal). We have seen just about anything when it comes to demolition, and we assure our clients that we can keep them safe throughout the process.” 


Clients are in good hands with the DC Eager team. “Our technicians are trained, compassionate  professionals who are detailed, polite, trustworthy and hard-working,” avows Eager. “We educate before we estimate, leaving no questions unanswered, before a project or cleanup begins. We care about our customers and their quality of life; we want them to have peace of mind before and after a project is complete.” 



DC Eager is located at 6 E. Kendig Rd., in Willow Street. For more information, call 717-989-5763, email [email protected] or visit 

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