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Sheehan Natural Health to Conduct Metabolic Research Trial

The clinicians at Sheehan Natural Health Improvement Center will be conducting a six-week research study to investigate the results of their natural diabetes/prediabetes/metabolic disorders method. Individuals who may qualify to participate in the study either have Type 2 diabetes or have been told that they are prediabetic. The purpose of the study is to examine the effect of a holistic lifestyle, diet and exercise approach on each individual’s laboratory markers for diabetes. Participants have to agree to follow a six-week diet, exercise and stress-reduction plan. 


With more than 30 years of combined experience offering natural solutions to people for all kinds of health issues, the clinicians recognize that diabetes Type 2, prediabetes and metabolic disorders are a growing epidemic, currently estimated to affect more than 30 percent of Americans.  


In our experience treating hundreds of people with diabetes, prediabetes and metabolic disorders, we believe we have found a safe, natural way that offers a viable alternative to the conventional model of treating these disorders,” says Laura Sheehan, Nutrition Response Testing practitioner and licensed massage therapist. 



Application deadline is June 1. For more information, and to apply for the study, visit 

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