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Tips to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

Installation of smart electric meters is causing a rising awareness of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Smart meters emit radiofrequency radiation in order to transmit data usage to the utilities. There are other electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) as well as dirty electricity. Below are tips to reduce EMR.

Reduce cell phone radiation by keeping antennas off that are not being used. For example, if using cellular, keep Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and personal hotspots disabled.When carrying a cell phone in a pocket or close to the body, set it to airplane mode.Use speaker, text or an air tube headset. Consider a radiation-reducing case. 

Unplug any electrical appliances or wires within six to eight feet of beds or move them six to eight feet away from the bed. Replace cordless phones with corded versions.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use. An even better choice would be to consider not using Wi-Fi and hardwire devices. There are also low-radiation routers available. Most smart TVs, printers and gaming products do not stop emitting radio frequency (RF) unless they are unplugged, not just turned off; they can be turned off via power strips. Do not purchase smart products. Put a smart meter guard over a smart electric meter. 


Lee Sagula is an electromagnetic radiation specialist and owner of EMF Professional Solutions, with more than 17 years of experience conducting home and office EMR assessments. For more information, visit

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