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Third Eye Series Develops Sustainable Spirituality

Sudha Allitt, spiritual counselor, yoga therapist and co-founder of Kula Kamala Foundation and Ashram, in Reading, will guide participants during the 2019 Third Eye Series of retreats and workshops: Chakra Wisdom (Energy), May 10 to 12; Bhakti Immersion (Sound), June 7 to 9; Poetical Writing (Creativity), September 13 to 15; and Mini Vipasana (Silence), November 15 to 17. The Third Eye Series is organized and intended to grow spiritual sustainability. Each program offers valuable skills and understanding for both new and experienced students. 

“Sustainable spirituality is the consistent and meaningful practice of supportive spiritual techniques in light of life’s many challenges,” explains Allitt. “One key to sustainable spirituality is recognizing practice as an integral part of life. Practice increases power, insight and clarity, and deepens connection. Through consistent practice, our spirituality grows beyond being a convenient intermediary to become a sustainable power that opens the practitioner to seemingly superhero-type qualities such as patience, compassion, vision, creativity and manifestation.”


Cost:$179/retreatwhich includes dormitory accommodations and meals. Location:17 Basket Rd., Reading. For more information, call 484-509-5073, email [email protected] or visit

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