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Help with Allergies through Functional Medicine

Dr. Wachtmann

Allergies are a common condition suffered by millions of people. Most of them seek temporary relief through the use of antihistamines. The dilemma is that these medications do nothing to fix any underlying causes that may be leading to the allergies, plus they produce several undesirable side effects.

Jeffrey S. Bland, Ph.D., author of The Disease Delusion: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer and Happier Life, and recognized as the father of functional medicine, suggests that by being proactive about our health and lifestyle choices, we can empower ourselves to learn about what is leading to imbalances in our bodies.

The key to becoming free from allergies is to uncover and fix whatever underlying issues may be present in the body that are creating a predisposition to the allergies in the first place. People don’t get allergies due to an antihistamine deficiency. If they did, it would be like saying people get toothaches due to a lack of pain medication. Since not having medications in the body doesn’t cause symptoms, the allergies must be due to something else.

Functional medicine finds the “something else”. The puzzle is figuring out what it is because allergies can be produced by a multitude of different things, such as blocked metabolic pathways, dysfunctional components of the immune system, nutrient deficiencies, toxicities, infections and other imbalances.

Once the underlying problem is found, true corrective actions can then be taken. By repairing the underlying cause of the allergies, the symptoms just go away on their own with no undesirable side effects. This not only helps to deal with the allergies, but leads to a healthier body overall.

Dr. Thomas Wachtmann is the owner of the Link Chiropractic Clinic, located at 3130 Pricetown Rd., Ste. H, in Fleetwood. For more information, call 610-944-5000, email [email protected]or visit

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