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Relax and Breathe At The Salt Lounge

Feb 28, 2019 12:19AM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Owner Rachel Eskin

Greeted by owner Rachel Eskin’s bright and cheerful smile, guests of The Salt Lounge, located in Wyomissing, are welcomed to unwind and renew their spirit. Her mission is for guests to relax and breathe. Eskin personally found that halotherapy provided relief from seasonal allergies. She says, “Last year was the first time that I did not have to take allergy medication because I attended regular halotherapy sessions. I opened The Salt Lounge because I wanted others to experience the relief that I did.” 

Halotherapy is a centuries-old, widely used natural remedy. Dry salt aerosol is administered in specially designed halo chambers or rooms. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the dry salt aerosol have been shown to benefit those suffering from allergies and may also provide support for upper and lower respiratory conditions, as well as chronic stress and fatigue, dermatitis, sleep apnea and snoring.

Eskin shows clients around the space and invites them to get settled and place their belongings in the lockers provided. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and shoes come off. Socks are optional and are available to borrow. Headphones and MP3 players are also available to use for listening to music or guided meditations. Clients who prefer to read may borrow a book light. Reclining chairs and blankets provide comfort during sessions. As the lights dim, the pink hue of Himalayan salt casts a soft glow. The air fills with dry salt aerosol to breathe in during the session, and relaxation begins. 

Clients experience halotherapy either in the main room or the family room. The main room can accommodate up to eight people, and the family room can accommodate two adults and up to two children under the age of 10. 

According to Eskin, it may take more than one session for clients to experience relief from chronic issues. Monthly memberships, as well as reflexology, reiki and massage, including sinus massage, are available. Yuriko Beaman offers customized yoga instruction that includes deep breathing to maximize health benefits. “The experience is enhanced, and the benefits are accelerated when yoga or a spa service are added,” notes Eskin.

The Salt Lounge regularly hosts special events. Customized packages are available for yoga and meditation classes, and groups can reserve the large salt room. 

Salt-themed products are available for purchase, including salt lamps that help clean the air by removing pollutants and allergens. Wei of Chocolate treats take two minutes to melt in the mouth and come with a mindfulness meditation. Unique body and bath products made by locally-owned Paisley & Company are also featured. 

“We invite guests to unplug, relax their brains and bodies and release stress. Some clients become so relaxed, they fall asleep. The rooms immerse clients in their own world, and it’s a nice way to treat yourself,” enthuses Eskin.

The Salt Lounge is located at 4 Wellington Blvd., in Wyomissing. For more information, call 610-743-4613 or visit See ad, page 9.

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