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In Remembrance of Ed Allitt

Dec 29, 2018 11:32AM

Ed Allitt

Edward RamaChandra Allittco-founder of Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram, located in Readingpassed away on November 23, 2018. Ed served the community alongside his wife of 24 years, Sudha Mataji Allitt. Together they envisioned and worked to realize a world with more peace and less harm, more love and less hate, more unity and less divisiveness.  


In 2008, Ed became a yoga instructor and began teaching alongside Sudha. He became known for his compassionate, straightforward teaching and wisdom. He was an incredible person with a compassionate heart. His friendship extended to everyone who crossed his path. Ed was, and remains, an important influence for those who know him and for his students. 


Ed believed death to be as meaningful as life, so he donated his body to science, in the hopes that researchers might find more information about colon cancer that will help future patients. 


Kula Kamala Foundation and its mission were his lifes true calling. Nothing gave Ed greater peace than to know the foundation and the ashram will live on after his passing and continue to touch lives and heal.

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