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Experience the Benefits of Ionic Foot Detox

Joel Wampler, DC, and Lynnelle Wampler, of Schaefferstown Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy, are offering 50 percent off the first ionic foot detox service through the end of December.

An ongoing detoxification program may reduce the incidence of chronic degenerative disease and improve the overall quality of life. The effective use of detoxification techniques can make the difference between an effective healing program and endless frustration, resulting in failure.

The ionic foot spa is designed to work on the principles of bio-energy, ionization and electrolysis. Their professional-grade foot spa treatment is a two-step process, initially using hydrogenated water to effectively cleanse the cells, followed by water infused with oxygen. This helps to re-balance the body, and will allow the body cells to be energized and oxygenated. Healthy, oxygenated cells are extremely resistant to disease, illness and early aging. 

Licensed Massage Therapist Jimmy Frank says, “Clients and practitioners verbalize an increase in benefits with the combination of massage and detox when scheduled back-to-back. There is an appearance of increased toxins in the footbath following a massage, and when a massage is provided after a footbath, therapists find that body releases tensions with more ease.”

Location: 1354 Heidelberg Ave., Schaefferstown. For appointments, call 717-949-4081. For more information, visit

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