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Elemental Breathwork Ceremony Encourages Fulfillment

Elemental Breathwork Ceremony sessions are being held regularly at The Restorative Center, in Reading. It is a sacred ceremony that takes participants on a journey back to Self, brings them in touch with their higher purpose, and fulfills their sacred intentions. A one-on-one session with the facilitators before ceremony begins is also included, which helps Elemental Breathwork to stay relevant to the next steps in each participant’s best life.

According to facilitator Sue Siegrist, Elemental Breathwork combines several things in its ceremony to create a sacred space for the breathwork journey. “We combine shamanic ritual, including copal and palo santo smudging, individual energy work during the journey to cleanse the body of emotions as they are arising and body work to help the release of old toxic thought patterns and emotions,” explains Siegrist. “Chakra music for the session is designed to help raise the energy through the body during the journey. The Elemental Breathwork ceremony ends with an aura cleansing and mandala art processing.” 

Cost: $110; Current introductory price through Dec. 31: $45. Location: 6 Hearthstone Ct., Ste. 304, Reading. For more information, contact Sue Siegrist at 610-763-6998, email [email protected] or visit

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