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Heart Space Happy Place Offers Belief Clearing

Nov 03, 2018 01:15AM

Heather Dempsey, creator of Heart Space Happy Place, offers multiple Belief Clearing techniques tailored to client needs. Individuals can choose to begin with a relaxing and empowering, customized meditation or delve into the Belief Closet, where different beliefs can be evaluated to decide what to keep, let go of and create.  


All of life’s experiences form our beliefs, and beliefs are what create our habits, patterns and cycles that keep us limited and stuck. We have been indoctrinated into most of these limiting beliefs as children, without having a choice, a say or an awareness that it has even happened,” explains Dempsey. “Beliefs are like a program, running 24 hours a day, in our subconscious mind. Belief Clearing methods encourage us to begin to release the negative beliefs that are stopping us from living the life of our dreams. They are incredibly effective and liberating, and the transformation will continue to unfold for years to come.” 



Services are by appointment only. For more information, call 717-974-4841, email H[email protected].com or visit

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