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Seeking Our Zen Zone

Jun 05, 2018 07:45AM ● By Abbi Cabellero

Today’s chaotic world inundates us with unreachable ideals and expectations that erroneously define the path to happiness and success. What do we do? We invest all of our thoughts, time and energy into the endless pursuit of living up to these standards. What is the price? Everything. We pay with a decline in overall health of body, mind and spirit. Most people live with constant stress and anxiety which often leads to issues like high blood pressure, depression, poor dietary habits, insomnia and memory loss.

Meditation is an amazing, ancient practice that disconnects us from the outside and reconnects us to the inside. It gently commands us to be present and in the moment. It mildly mediates between us and our higher consciousness and reintroduces us to our authentic selves. As our practice progresses, we will find that we feel, think and react differently to the world around us; but more importantly, we will grow more compassionate with ourselves and will bravely carve and define our own paths.

Begin the practice of cultivating the mind to slowly weed out the old and make room to seed and nourish the new. 


Abbi Caballero is a holistic health educator, meditation instructor and owner of Zen Space Meditation, LLC, located at 1148 Elizabeth Ave., second floor, in Lancaster.

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