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Health by Design and Evolve Now Body Sculpting : Natural Modalities to Tune Up and Tone Up

May 01, 2018 12:17AM ● By Sheila Julson

Health by Design, in Leola, is a natural wellness center that helps people achieve vitality through nutritional counseling, healthy weight loss, detoxification and whole body balancing. Founded in 2008 by naturopathic doctor Jeannie Peck, Health by Design has grown to include an array of services, including non-invasive body sculpting through Evolve Now Body Sculpting, a partner business owned by Anita Colon, located in the same building. 


Peck has over 20 years of education and experience in the natural health field. She focuses on empowering her clients through education on hormone balancing, digestive issues and food sensitivities. Peck begins with a consult where she looks at person’s health historyany existing lab test results and current medications or supplements. She then evaluates and makes recommendations for each individual to create a health plan for their goals. “I work on where you want to be,” Peck emphasizes. “We’re able to help heal the body using natural remedies, with little or no side effects.” 


In our toxic world, Peck sees people suffering from digestive concerns like heartburn, constipation and bloating, as well as chronic fatigue. She’s also seen a rapid increase in Lyme disease. Health by Design has detoxification options such as the IonCleanse foot detox, in which clients soak their feet in warm water with millions of negatively charged ions to release toxins through the pores of the feet. The far infrared sauna uses a natural band of light that generates heat, stimulating the body's cellular detoxification process more effectively than traditional steam saunas. 


Peck sometimes recommends herbal and food supplements, but her ultimate goal is to not have people take many supplements and instead get sustaining nutrients through whole foods. Education is key to wellness, Peck emphasizes, so Health by Design also hosts free monthly talks covering topics such as detoxification, reflexology and nutrition. Peck strives to educate the community and be seen as experts in nutrition, health and wellness. 


In addition to feeling good, looking good can boost confidence and self-esteem. Last year, Peck partnered with Colon to bring in a Reve Body Sculpting franchise. This past September, Colon rebranded Reve as Evolve Now Body Sculpting to offer fast, safe and painless healthy alternatives to cool sculpting and liposuction. 


Evolve Now Body Sculpting works through LED light therapy. The client lies on a table, and six panels of LED lights are positioned around the body. “We are able to wrap the entire body and not just target one area like most other services,” Colon explains. The LED light temporarily alters the fat cell membranes, allowing the fat contents to escape and be processed by the body. The process also firms and tightens skin. 


Clients interested in Evolve Now Body Sculpting start with a consultation to evaluate weight loss goals and target areas. Clients can purchase packages for the amount of sessions needed to achieve and maintain their desired weight and measurements. Colon says the results are long-lasting. 


The unique Evolve Now Body Sculpting plan complements Health by Design’s nutritional coaching, natural weight loss programs and detox therapies. Peck and Colon have recently added a special detox room for mineral wraps. We offer a lot of services, and it’s fun, spa-like environment,” Colon remarks. “It’s very calm and relaxing, and clients comment on how it’s their own little oasis to relax and detach from the world.” 


Peck and Colon are pleased with the pairing of their like-minded businesses. “My vision has been to bring all things related to natural health under one roof and be a one-stop shop for natural health needs, whether it’s for weight loss, hormone balancing, tuning up or toning up,” Peck says. 


Healthy by Design and Evolve Now Body Sculpting are located at 352 E. Main St., Ste. 100, Leola. For more information about Health by Design, call 717-556-8103 or visit For more information about Evolve Now Body Sculpting, call 717-207-7729 or visit 

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