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Community Supported Fishery Offers Sustainably Harvested Wild Alaskan Salmon

Kwee-Jack Fish Co. is a brother-sister collaboration to sustainably harvest and share wild Alaskan sockeye through community supported fishery events. April and May provide the annual opportunity to place online orders for shares of the upcoming summer harvest from the thriving Kvichak River region of Bristol Bay in Alaska. Orders are due by May 25th. 


The hand-picked catch is rapidly chilled, professionally filleted and deep-frozen at the peak of freshness, with bones removed and skin on one side. Shares ordered in the spring are ready for pick-up in September at events in Altoona, Chambersburg and Lancaster.  


For those who seek to make it simple to eat well, sustainably harvested wild Alaskan salmon provides delicious convenience for quick and healthy mealtimes,” notes Community Supported Fishery Director Anna Echo-Hawk Sauder.  “Each vivid red filet is sushi-grade and offers amazing flavor and versatility, making it an enjoyable go-to option however it is prepared.” 


Cost: $295 for 20 lb. share; $155 for 10 lb. half-share.  To order or learn more, call 717-842-0180, email [email protected] or visit  

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