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Tree of Life : Taking a Natural Approach to Improving Health

Feb 24, 2018 07:30PM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Tree of Life, located in Ephrata, is a natural and holistic health practice that specializes in helping clients find answers to health concerns. In an effort to encourage the body’s overall function on a cellular level, focus is placed upon eating nutrient-dense foods, reducing exposure to environmental pollutants and supporting the body in the removal of harmful toxins, as well as appropriate supplementation based upon individual needs.

 Robert Miller, board certified traditional naturopath, founded the Tree of Life practice in 1993. He and his team of holistic health experts have years of experience helping adults and children of all ages and backgrounds. “We provide the guidance and services people need to maintain long-term health,” says Miller.

 Approaching health in a natural way is personal for Miller because he knows first-hand the profound effects it can offer as a solution to regain health, having gone through a personal health crisis in 1993. He is committed to education, and passionate about empowering clients to take control of their own health care and lives.

 “What sets Tree of Life apart is that our practitioners are able to provide complimentary care and nutritional support to individuals all over the country,” explains Ellen Stark, general manager. Services are available to clients in person, and also by using Skype and Zoom video conferencing.

 Each new client completes a packet that allows them to explain their current state of health, as well as overall goals, detailing areas where assistance is being sought. Client Care Coordinator Laura Rowe, who is a holistic health care practitioner, reviews each intake form and speaks to every prospective new client in order to place them with the appropriate practitioner for their initial consult.  

 Practitioners take an individualized, gentle and effective approach. They consider the quality of nutrition, water, air and environment where the client lives when making lifestyle, supplement, or nutritional recommendations.

 Services include genetic nutritional, naturopathic, and nutritional consultations, reproductive wellness and fertility optimization, healthy weight loss, reflexology, detoxification therapies, body balance and water and air purification.

  According to Rowe, clients have sought help for a variety of chronic issues, with the goal of decreasing inflammations and supporting detoxification. She says, “New clients will often tell us that they have tried everything else and are in search of an approach to help them feel well again.”

 During the past several years, Miller has been researching genetic variants and other related topics. “Working with many clients, I have been astounded by how many people’s health concerns are related to genetic issues,” recounts Miller. He created a software program, MethylGenetic Nutritional Analysis, which he uses to assess, analyze and design support for clients based upon their personal genetics, lab work and presenting symptoms.  

 “The Cambium Wellness Center at Tree of Life was created as a go-to resource to purify, vitalize and restore health naturally and achieve optimal wellness,” relates Stark. “We offer the area’s widest array of innovative, non-medical holistic therapies, including the latest wellness technologies that support detoxification, body balance, structural therapy, exercise and healthy weight loss.”

 More than fifteen modalities and therapies are offered, several of which include bionic hydrotherapy footbaths, hydrogen inhalation therapy, halotherapy-salt booth, LightStim bed, various PEMF’s (pulsed electromagnetic fields), and a far infrared sauna.

 Cambium is a thin layer of cells within stems and roots of woody plants, such as trees, responsible for the healthy growth of the trunk, branches and roots, as cells actively divide and multiply to form new layers of tissue. This naturally occurring process reflects the goals of Tree of Life and The Cambium Wellness Center. Miller, Stark and Rowe concur, “In supporting and achieving balance within and strengthening the body, we can assist and educate clients on how to naturally achieve their health goals”.

 Tree of Life is located 15 Pleasure Rd., in Ephrata. To schedule a consultation, call 717-733-2003. For more information, visit

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