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Lana Ryder: Living in Harmony through Sound Choices

Jan 25, 2018 11:11AM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Lana Ryder

Sound is a vast area of specialty that has the ability to bring healing to the mind, body and spirit. Sound healing uses specific healthy frequencies that encourage the holistic vibrational balance of physical, mental and emotional body systems for optimal health and wellness.

For over 40 years, Lana Ryder has worked with sound, voice and music as ministry. The founder of Soundwise Health, and ReikiSound and ReikiVoice curriculum and manuals, Ryder has multiple certifications in sound therapy, and is a certified holistic health coach and Usui Reiki Master teacher. In addition to her experience as a licensed massage and energy therapist for 23 years, she has 25 years of experience in allopathic medicine. During her years as a holistic health center founder and director, she witnessed the effects of vibrational medicine on countless clients, both in a thriving, successful private practice and in group sessions.

“Everything is energy, and every cell, every organ, every thought, every word, every layer of our energy field—our very being as a whole—all have their own healthy frequency. Every part of every flower, every plant, every food, every place, all have their own healthy frequency. When anything or any being or any place is ‘out of tune’, out of its healthy frequency, disharmony or imbalance results,” describes Ryder. “Stress, environmental toxins and trauma negatively affect the mind, body and spirit by altering their vibrations and throwing off the frequencies of true wellness.”

Having studied with some of the best teachers in the world, Ryder is respected as the pioneer of introducing sound therapy to the South Central, Pennsylvania area, teaching others to use sound both personally and professionally. She works intuitively with her connection to Divine Source, combined with experience and training in the healing power of sound, voice and music. Several of her students are active throughout the community in leading group sound sessions.

Ryder’s mission is to introduce the power of sound to people in the community, as well as practitioners, by providing a basic foundation about how to use sound as a healing tool. With this mission in mind, her goal is for participants to learn about and embrace sound healing so that they will teach others. “To become a skillful sound therapist, training and applicable knowledge have to come from educated teachers because sound therapy is an art and a science,” explains Ryder. Students receive hands-on training with indigenous sound instruments like crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, harps and chimes.

A sound healer uses frequencies to bring the body back into balance when a diseased body area or spiritual area is discovered. Through the principle of sympathetic resonance, or entrainment, exposing a healthier frequency helps to restore what is out of balance. The human body is an excellent conductor of sound because it is 60 to 70 percent water. It will pick up the sounds of the instruments, and use that sound for beneficial healing. Sound therapy helps to reduce stress, encourages falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer and lessens pain. It also helps cancer patients reduce nausea and supports a feeling of calm.

According to Ryder, sound healing also provides hope. “Science and technology have proven the validity of sound and specific frequencies to heal and positively impact the human body. Much research and documentation is now available,” she says. “Sound healing helps calm the agitation of dementia, autism and Parkinson’s disease. Clinical trials in humans begun in 2017 use sound frequencies to destroy amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s patients’ brains. Medical institutions are looking at the benefits of sound therapy, and how to incorporate it into care plans.”

“When we understand that everything has frequency, we are able to make healthier choices with regard to what we hear, what we see or watch, what we want in relationships, what we want to surround us and what we will eat and drink,” shares Ryder. “Sound is the energy of creation, and all of life is music.”

Lana Ryder teaches classes and courses, and is also available for private lessons, in Lancaster, Harrisburg and York. For more information, visit and

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