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BeBalanced Offers a Different Approach to Weight Loss

Jan 25, 2018 11:11AM ● By Sheila Julson

While trying to shed stubborn pounds, some people may be surprised to learn that weight loss is not just about counting calories. Imbalanced hormones, coupled with stress and poor diet, are often the culprits, says Linda Barilani, owner of BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center, in Wyomissing.

BeBalanced is a Lancaster-based franchise with approximately 20 locations throughout the country. Barilani opened her Wyomissing location this past September after trying the program because she suffered from night sweats, insomnia and weight gains. The BeBalanced program helped her shed 16 pounds in 28 days, and it stopped the night sweats and insomnia completely. She wanted to share the program with others.

Barilani emphasized that BeBalanced is not a typical weight loss center. “We focus on the whole person, addressing mood, sleep, weight and libido, by balancing hormones and attaining each individual’s goals through an all-natural, non-medical approach,” she says.

New clients take a symptom-based assessment to detect imbalances. “Blood test results can change daily, rendering them unreliable, where symptoms tell the whole story,” states Barilani. “We look over each person’s symptoms and decide on the best protocol for that client.” The BeBalanced diet protocol includes all-natural homeopathic supplements combined with a specific diet, and relaxation therapy for maximum results. A Natural Hormone Balancing (NHB) specialist works closely with each person to help him or her achieve individual goals.

“Our program works when followed as directed, which is why we guarantee 15 pounds of weight lost in the first 28 days,” Barilani said. “Clients complete a four-phase program. During the maintenance phase, people find which foods they are sensitive to, and in the final lifestyle phase, we will teach them what their rapid weight gaining foods are and how to have that food from time to time without gaining weight. We also incorporate a set of natural homeopathic creams to help support their adrenals and keep their progesterone balanced with their estrogen.”

Since opening, Barilani has seen many success stories. Clients have met their personal weight loss goals but also reported improved sleep and mood, as well as less aches, increased energy and higher libido.

Barilani emphasizes that men can also do the program. “The program remains the same for men and works rapidly. The only difference is once they finish, they go on to use the adrenal support cream only, which helps with stress as well as sex drive.

Anyone is welcome to come in for a complimentary, no-pressure consultation with an NHB specialist, or visit the website ( and take the assessment to get started.

BeBalnced of Wyomissing is located on Broadcasting Rd., in Village Square. For more information, call 610-750-5158 or visit

Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.

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