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Practitioner Profile - Elizabeth Mashkov, RN, BSN

Dec 22, 2017 08:02AM

Elizabeth Mashkov, RN, BSN

Evolve Now Body Sculpting

Elizabeth Mashkov, RN, BSN
352 E Main St, Ste 100, Leola


Elizabeth Mashkov, RN, BSN, is the general manager of Evolve Now Body Sculpting, the weight loss and detox division of Health by Design (HBD) Natural Clinic. She studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, attending both the nursing program and the Robert E. Cook Honors College, graduating with honors in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She loves learning about the human body and its processes, as well as discovering ways in which each individual can step more fully into wellness in every aspect of their life. Her experience as a nurse working in the field of natural health has provided her with numerous tools in understanding how the body functions. Mashkov works alongside Jeannie Peck, traditional naturopath and owner of HBD. As experienced, licensed health professionals, they know and understand how to customize weight loss and fat loss programs to fit individual needs.

Services Offered:

Nutrition, with state-of-the-art body sculpting equipment and detox services for holistic weight loss and fat loss packages. Teach clients how to lose weight, sculpt problem areas and ensure they have the tools to keep the weight off using natural modalities.


Areas of Specialty:

Newly introduced state-of-the-art red-light therapy that is a fast, safe and painless way to reach weight-loss goals, without killing fat cells, and a healthy alternative to surgery, freezing cells or ultrasound. A whole-body approach to weight loss.


Philosophy of Healing:

Help each client be their best self, using the best tools and safest modalities possible, enhancing individual health.  

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