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Practitioner Profile - Stacey Martin

Dec 22, 2017 08:02AM

Stacey Martin, RN

Stacey Martin, RN
Neurological Integration System Practitioner
596 Edwards Rd, Narvon

Stacey Martin is a registered nurse and holistic practitioner. She is a certified Neurological Integration System practitioner and a member of the Neurolink NIS Academy. NIS is an up and coming modality with only two Academy members in the state of PA at this time. Martin comes to holistic health with a strong clinical background stemming from nearly 25 years as a home health visiting nurse.

Services Offered:

NIS is based on the fundamental principle that the brain controls all body functions. NIS is a unique modality that works on a cellular level by finding and correcting the root cause of symptoms. Martin also offers nutritional assessments and whole food supplements, as well as various detoxification programs for complete cell cleansing and immune system support.


Areas of Specialty:

Along with NIS, Martin specializes in nutritional assessment and support and detoxification.

Philosophy of Healing:

Chasing down and addressing systems does not bring long lasting results or complete healing. NIS does not treat complaints, but rather it evaluates and corrects areas of dysfunction in the body’s systems, allowing for the body to come back into homeostasis.

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