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Trek Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit North

Sep 26, 2017 11:41PM ● By Gisele M. Siebold

Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit North is the Himalaya’s oldest and wisest trekking route, providing a diverse combination of culture, challenge, religion and comfort. This journey pushes physical and emotional boundaries, instilling feelings of courage and gratitude within the heart of trekkers, from meeting not only the mountain but also the people.

Skychasers, LLC is a trekking and adventure outfitter specializing in journeys to the High Himalaya of Nepal as well as other locales. Former Kathmandu resident and Nepal enthusiast, Jerry Lapp, founded Skychasers as a way of introducing others to this exotic region. Lapp’s intention was to broaden people’s knowledge of Nepal beyond its mountains, to its hospitable people and colorful culture and religion.

“I’ve been living in or traveling to the Nepal Himalaya for the past 17 years, and over time it’s become a major life-giving force for me,” avows Lapp. “Every visit gives me renewed energy, confidence in myself and humanity, clarity of mind and a focus on the things that are truly important in life. One day on trek can instantly reorder priorities to where they should be.”

Lapp is extending an invitation to join him and the Skychasers from April 24 through May 12, 2018, on an 11-day, fully-supported trek through the heart of the Himalaya, to Tilicho Lake and the Thorong La Pass. Beginning in Kathmandu’s peaceful Tibetan Buddhist enclave of Boudha, the group will then drive to the trailhead deep in the Marsyangdi Valley of the Annapurna Range. From there, trekkers walk up to Ice Lake, Tilicho Lake and the Thorong La, staying in mountain lodges every night. The trip culminates with a mountain flight through the world’s deepest canyon to end up in the sub-tropical paradise of Pokhara, where paragliding above the lake is a popular pastime in the village.

According to Lapp, Annapurna Circuit North is a nice challenge for most hikers, but a number of things make it particularly accessible to those who don’t trek on a regular basis. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of hiking speeds. There’s no camping on this trip. The mountain lodges provide a great amount of rejuvenation every day with help from hot meals, showers, comfortable beds and friendly staff. Trekkers carry only a small day pack while the real work is done by the Skychasers team of precocious porters who do the heavy lifting by transporting trekkers’ big backpacks or duffel bags to the next mountain lodge. And, a couple of the days on the way to Tilicho Lake can be used as rest days.

“When people begin the journey feeling well-prepared and are supported along the way, no matter how their experience is going, they come away astonished at what they can do and feel empowered because they are putting everything on the line and pushing through boundaries,” articulates Lapp. “Our logo––Skychasers Challenge/Change Your World––symbolizes our goal with this kind of insider experience: to make trekkers feel like they’re leaving home when they leave Nepal. We hope their sense of accomplishment will inspire them to pay it forward.”

Lapp and his team strongly believe that Himalayan adventures are game changers and should be accessible to all. Interest-free installment payment plans are available.

For more information, call 717-682-5265, email [email protected] or visit

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