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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care Support a Lifelong Journey of Wellness

Sep 26, 2017 11:41PM ● By Gisele M. Siebold

Chiropractic care offers a proactive approach to wellness that educates and involves clients. With a mission to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself, practitioners view their role as an important part in the lifelong journey of patients to help them not only survive, but thrive.

Local chiropractors were invited to share their responses to the question:

What is your chiropractic approach or methodology, and how do you see that it benefits your clients?

 “My approach as a chiropractor is to look at movement. If something isn’t moving as it’s supposed to, that’s a huge sign that can tell us where the problem is coming from. Often the solution is to simply make corrections that will restore that movement. Additionally, my goal is to look at the big picture, to see how muscles, joints and nerves of various regions of the body are connected. Often the primary problem will cause other areas to compensate and we won’t get complete healing until all the affected areas are addressed. That’s why it’s important to look at every individual in a fresh and complete way. There are no cookie-cutter solutions when dealing with the human body because everyone is unique.”

~ Leah Reiff Herr, D.C., Blue Skies Chiropractic Health Center

“The methodology I use for patient care is really a common-sense approach. I do my best to determine the underlying causes of their unwanted conditions, and fix them. Approaches focused on just suppressing symptoms are a long shot from true health. While it’s important to me that patients feel better, I try to educate them as to why they usually notice such improvement. The reason for their improvement is specifically because I am not chasing their symptoms such as back pain, headaches, digestive issues, etc. By addressing and correcting the underlying dysfunctions that are creating these unwanted symptoms, not only do the symptoms go away, but the main benefit to the patient is that they are healthier overall because of it. Due to this, there is less likelihood those symptoms will return, and their bodies will be stronger and more resistant to health breakdowns in the future.

                                                            ~ Thomas Wachtmann, D.C., Link Chiropractic Clinic

“I strive to be as specific as possible when treating each patient to allow our practice members the best chance for success. I use a blend of adjusting approaches including Torque Release Technique (TRT), which is a low-impact, highly precise method. Using the TRT analysis involves gently testing a patient at certain levels of the spine to locate areas of increased or decreased stress to the body. When the areas that are causing increased stress and dysfunction are identified, gentle corrections are made to improve function. Because everybody is different, care rendered becomes very individualized. The main reason our practice members have a large degree of success with us is because of our analysis, specificity, technique and care management; while being as patient-centered as possible. We focus on helping people and getting them well while also connecting with them to provide an exceptional experience.”

                                                            ~ Andrew Ashton, D.C., A Therapeutic Effect

“Our analysis of each patient takes into account the biophysics of every patient. The examination starts with exhaustive questioning and listening about each patient’s lifestyle and how the condition is affecting their life’s activities and where they want to be in the future. The physical part of the exam includes surface electromyography, posture evaluation, bilateral weight balance, full spine range of motions, vitals, spinal palpation, muscular palpation, soft tissue palpation, orthopedic exams, neurology exams and x-rays/radiographs only if needed.

“In addition, those patients with nutritional or systemic conditions will have functional assessments of hormones, digestion, immune, detoxification systems, adrenal, thyroid and food sensitivity screenings. Once we have determined the best approach for the patient, a thorough report of findings with treatment recommendations is given on a subsequent visit.  

“Treatments may include any of the following: spinal adjustments by hand or instrument if indicated, soft tissue mobilization, physical therapies, rehabilitation, spinal decompression, therapeutic massage, nutritional supplementation and individualized home care with exercises and stretching. Treatment time frames range from a few visits to 60 days depending on the extent of health restoration that is needed.

“Our team of doctors has 60 years of combined experience to draw from, as well as extensive training in treating infants, children, work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, sciatica and disc problems. Frequently, we consult with each other on difficult conditions at no additional expense to the patients.”

~ Martin Rodgers, D.C., Bryan Rodgers, D.C. and Luke Badman, D.C., Family Chiropractic                                              Wellness Center

Blue Skies Chiropractic Health Center is located at 219 W. Walnut St., Lancaster. Connect at 717-390-9998, [email protected] or

Link Chiropractic Clinic is located at 3130 Pricetown Rd., Ste. H, Fleetwood. Connect at 877-252-0248 or

A Therapeutic Effect is located at 313D Primrose Ln., Mountville. Connect at 717-285-9955, [email protected] or

Family Chiropractic Wellness Center, Ltd. is located at 1717 Old Philadelphia Pk., Lancaster. Connect at 717-393-9955 or

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