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Heart Space Happy Place Offers Private Yoga Classes

Aug 27, 2017 06:39PM

Heather Dempsey, founder of Heart Space Happy Place, in Columbia, is now offering private, restorative and slow flow, gentle vinyasa yoga one-on-one sessions and small group yoga classes to suit individual schedules. Students will experience a completely customized class, at the pace they feel most comfortable, learning the safest ways to practice and in the most serene environment. 


These styles of yoga practice, especially restorative, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which after time and more practice, will allow the body to find a healthy, healing state that reduces the risks of disease-causing stress. This provides the opportunity to enjoy life, find more peace, relaxation and happiness. 


Some readers may want to try yoga or have wanted to for years but have felt intimidated or embarrassed to go to a public class.They may even have tried a class and felt like they couldnt keep up, wished the teacher could instruct them in more depth or wanted to ask questions, but are afraid to disrupt the other students,” explains Dempsey. “Others may have attended years of classes, but would like to slow it down and have a more personalized experience and introduce more energy modalities, such as crystal, aromatherapy and reiki.”  


Dempsey also teaches public classes, Monday through Thursday, at Sway Yoga, in Columbia. 


Location: 2nd St., Columbia; Sway Yoga, 336 Locust St., Columbia. For more information, call 717-974-4841, email [email protected] or visit 

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