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Earthbound Artisan Partnership Aims to Educate

Aug 27, 2017 06:39PM

Earthbound Artisan, LLC, in Lancaster, is partnering with Nathan Carlos Rupley to start a new division of the company geared toward education. Rupley, a stay-at-home dad, self-employed artist and aspiring hunter-gatherer, studies simple living, foraging, fishing, native agriculture, forest gardening, permaculture, natural building, primitive” technology, philosophy, applied ecology, theology and more. The goal is to have educational materials and a YouTube channel created by 2018. Currently, Rupley has a DVD for sale and numerous videos for viewing. 


Rupleys art and design is created intuitively. He continues to work with many different materials, but finds himself most interested in learning to create landscapes that are largely self-sustaining and can provide for the needs of all its residents, both humans and wildlife. Rupley operates Mycorrhizal Films, a small film company, and in early 2015, he released Gathering Edible Wild Plants in the Eastern Woodlands and Beyond. It is an instructional film about foraging, and covers 20 different plants with high-quality close-ups. 


We are hoping to diversify our attempt to fulfill our mission of enacting social change through mindfully working the earth by offering a range of educational materials,” explains Tim Seifarth, founder and owner. If you want to start your own journey on approaching your surrounding environment differently, this is a great start.”  


To learn more about Rupley, visit For more information about Earthbound Artisan, call 717-507-6267, email [email protected] or visit 

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