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Karen Carnabucci Offers Alternative Psychotherapy, Groups and Trainings

Jul 28, 2017 10:07AM

Karen Carnabucci, licensed clinical social worker and nationally board-certified master trainer, educator and practitioner in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy, continues to offer her groups, professional training classes and events during the summer, to ensure that people have every opportunity to address and heal family wounds so they can live fully and freely. 


Summer is the season of family vacations, reunions and other kinds of family time. For some people, these activities are joyful. For others, feelings arise of loss, disappointment, something missing or someone absent. 


Carnabuccis groups are non-traditional and action-oriented, such as Make a Vision Board and Find Your Hearts Desire, rather than traditional talk psychotherapy. The training programs demonstrate and teach mental health professionals, other health professionals, educators and others how to integrate action-oriented and ancestral methods into their work and their lives. 


Sometimes the wounds we carry are fairly fresh, such as a family conflict, a divorce or other estrangement. At other times, the roots of the difficulty are hidden; it seems like the personal struggle or family disturbance has always been present and that there is no solution available,” explains CarnabucciMy groups Unfolding Love take a gentle look at the dynamics behind the present-day situation, sometimes reaching many generations into the ancestry. Information is revealed that makes sense according to the familys history, and we find a shift in consciousness that creates a feeling of healing. 


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