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Heart Space Bliss – A Deluxe Energy Session

Jun 30, 2017 12:25AM

Heather Dempsey

Heather Dempsey, holistic life coach and creator of Heart Space Happy Place, is offering a new deluxe energy session, Heart Space Bliss, by appointment at Spa La Vie, in Lancaster, and at her home studio, in Columbia. This signature energy session encourages clients to drift off into a deep meditative state by providing the highest vibrational healing energies of reiki and crystals, accompanied by a blissful sound bath of Tibetan singing bowls resting on and around the body, while aromas of pure essential oils infuse the air.  


The treatment provides a mini-escape and teaches the body how to relax and find a meditative state easier and easier, the more often the treatment is received,” explains Dempsey. The physical and emotional benefits have been proven in multiple studies, and the fact that most clients schedule ongoing sessions, speaks volumes about its effectiveness. 


To schedule an appointment, call 717-974-4841 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit 

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